Resolving incidents

You have the rights to change the status (resolved or unresolved) of an incident recorded by you or another user from your organisation. An existing fly-tipping incident is ‘unresolved’, when it has been cleared it is ‘resolved’.

You can edit or change the status of an incident from the map.  You can do this in two ways:

  • If you know the unique incident reference number, you can search for it using the filter panel
  • If you know roughly where the incident was located, you can zoom and drag the map to that location

To change the status, tap on the incident in the map to show the information box from where you can make the change.  Remember to save before you leave the record.  To edit other aspects of the incident, tap the edit button, make changes and save the record.  If the edit button is unavailable, you do not have authorisation to edit the incident record.

Editing or changing the status of an incident can also be done from the list view