Registration and logging in

To use FlyMapper Mobile you must belong to organisation that has already signed up to FlyMapper. When you run the app for the first time you will need to login - you should have been given login details by your organisation. You must have a mobile signal or WiFi to login for the first time.

You cannot register from the app (sorry), so if you do not have login details then please contact your organisation. Alternatively, you can register using the FlyMapper Wales website. Registrations need to be reviewed and authorised by your organisation administrator and so there may be delay before you can login. Once authorised, you will receive an email from your administrator with your login details.

Your personal name and email address will not be visible to other users except for Fly-tipping Action Wales and your organisation’s administrator. If you opt to notify third parties about an incident (for instance, asking a clearance contractor to provide a quote), your personal name and email address will be shared. In this event, the system will require your explicit consent each and every time. Your ‘display name’ will be shown against any incidents you log and this can be seen by other users in your organisation. If your organisation has opted to share its incidents with other organisations, your ‘display name’ will also be viewable by users in those other organisations. Your ‘display name’ can be anything you wish – it does not need to be a name that identifies you.

When you first login you will be asked to accept the terms and conditions. After logging in successfully for the first time you will remain logged in until you log out – even if you close the app and switch off the phone.

If your organisation is not already taking part, then please contact Fly-tipping Action Wales to get them added.