FlyMapper for Organisation Administrators

One person from each organisation will be given ‘organisation administrator’ rights. This gives the same rights as other users plus some additional rights to manage registrations and authorisations. Prospective users can register to use FlyMapper and these registrations need to be authorised by the organisation administrator before the user can submit incidents.

When you have logged in as organisation administrator (administrators will be authorised by Exegesis), the top bar will show an ‘Administration’ option. Tapping this will provide access to a suite of administration functions. The ‘User Management’ option will allow you to manage existing users and add new users.

You will need to invite your organisation members/staff to visit the site and register. The website address to provide is Prospective users will be able to read information about the project and register by tapping ‘Register as a new user’ . Users will need to enter their email address, display name, first and last name and create a password. They will also need to accept the system terms and conditions. The display name can be anything the user wishes; it does not have to personally identify them.

Each time a user registers you will receive a notifying email and you can then authorise them by clicking on the ‘Unapproved User’ link and tapping he ‘Approve’ button. When this is done, they will receive an email confirming they are authorised and may start to submit incidents.