Downloading maps for off-line use

If you intend to record incidents only where you have a WiFi connection or phone signal coverage, then you are now ready to start. If you want to record incidents when there is no connection, then it is best to download maps to your phone.

It is best to have a WiFi connection for map downloads. A 4G signal will work, although it takes a little longer – also beware of network charges.

From the Home screen, tap on the Map Downloader icon. Select up to 20 tiles for tiles to download. The tile colour indicates download status:

  • Blue - Not selected
  • Yellow – Download in process 
  • Green – Download complete

To exit the Map Downloader page, tap on the 'grid' icon again to return to the homepage.

To delete one or more map tiles from your device, tap on the Map Downloader icon and then on the green tile you wish to delete.  Confirm deletion by tapping on Remove map